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In-Home Pet Care for Your Furry Companions

Pet Care Services

There is an additional House Call/Travel Fee of $70 with each home visit.

Nail Trimming


There are actually a handful of reasons why it's a good idea to clip your pet's nails; decreasing discomfort in your pet's joints is just one of them.

Medication Administration


Veterinary technicians are trained and proficient in giving all oral (pill, capsule, or liquid) and transdermal medications.



Therapeutic injections prescribed by your veterinarian such as insulin or Adequan

Blood Glucose Test


A glucose test is a type of blood test used to check the amount of sugar in the blood of diabetic animals.

Ear Cleaning


Regular cleaning can help prevent ear infections. Inspect your pet's ears regularly and talk to your vet about your pet's needs.

Bandage Change


Your veterinarian will tell you how often the bandage on your pet will need to be changed.

Wound Care


As Directed by Your Veterinarian.

SQ Fluids


At home subcutaneous (SQ) fluid administration is commonly prescribed for pets with kidney disease.

Anal Gland Expression


Your dog may need an anal gland expression if he is scooting excessively.

Pet Transportation

1 hour - $60.00

This service includes the safe round-trip transportation of pets to grooming or vet appointments.

Pickup and Delivery


Medication or Food Pickup and Delivery.


Professional Pet Sitting

Price Varies.


We specialize in pet sitting for pets that need medical attention while you are away. Our Certified Vet Techs are experienced in all kinds of pet needs. Drop in and 24-hour care available.

​             602-740-1510

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